Minnesota Environmental Partnership

The Minnesota Environmental Partnership (MEP) is a statewide coalition of environmental and conservation nonprofits. 

Our coalition exists to help diverse environmental nonprofits be successful by working together. The mission of MEP is to make that success possible by:  Strengthening the effectiveness and building the power of our members to achieve the highest quality natural environment for Minnesotans.


Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

Established in 1974, MCEA uses law, science, and research to protect Minnesota’s environment, its natural resources, and the health of its people.  

MCEA envisions clean water, clean air, healthy ecosystems, a sustainable economy, and improved public health for all Minnesotans. We are committed to growing our capacity and impact to achieve measurable progress toward this vision.


Minnesota Ground Water Association

The Minnesota Ground Water Association (MGWA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the following primary objectives:

  • Promotion and encouragement of the scientific and public policy aspects of ground water;
  • Establishing a common forum for scientists, engineers, planners, educators, attorneys, and other persons concerned with ground water;
  • Education of the general public regarding ground water resources;
  • Dissemination of information on ground water through meetings of the membership.
MN ground water association.png

Minnesota Native Plant Society

This organization is exclusively organized and operated for educational and scientific purposes, including the following:

  1. Conservation of all native plants.
  2. Continuing education of all members in the plant sciences.
  3. Education of the public regarding environmental protection of plant life.
  4. Encouragement of research and publications on plants native to Minnesota.
  5. Study of legislation on Minnesota flora, vegetation and ecosystems.
  6. Preservation of special plants, plant communities and scientific and natural areas.
  7. Cooperation in programs concerned with the ecology of natural resources and scenic features.
  8. Fellowship with all persons interested in native plants through meetings, lectures, workshops and field trips.

MN 350

MN 350 vision: To return our climate to the safe level of 350ppm of CO2 – or lower – in a way that best promotes a just and livable future.

MN350 believes this change in our climate will be achieved through a fundamental shift in our society, such that climate justice and sustainability for all living species is the lens by which all behavioral, political, economic, and social decisions are made.